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Decentralized Finance for Humans

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You never share your private keys so only you control your assets.


Manage your Harmony, Ethereum, HRC20, HRC721, ERC20 & ERC721 Tokens in a trustless manner.


The easiest way to access DEFI protocols across multiple Harmony & Ethereum.

Welcome to a New DeFi Experience

  • Mobile Native DeFi Protocols

    All of your favorite DeFi protocols for the mobile world.

  • Cross-chain DeFi

    Explore new DeFi worlds beyond the Ethereum blockchain.

  • CeFi - DeFi Interoperability

    Combine the best of Tradicional Finance and DeFi in a seamless experience.


DeFi For Everyone

We make DeFi protocols easy to use and understand by building human-focused interfaces and seamless integration between Tradicional Finance and Decentralized Finance.

Decentralized Economy (DeEco)

First we Decentralize Finance, then we Decentralize the Economy, then we Decentralize the World.

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Supported Blockchains:
- Harmony (ONE)
- Ethereum (ETH)